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Newest News:

Tuesday, 20 February, 2018: Later today I’ll be uploading to the Smashwords publisher, MB3 (Dreamtime) in a slightly revised format. I had not realized that some ebook readers did not properly display full-justified text. (If yours does, goody, but … ) So I reformatted all books to ragged-right.

There’s an old print layout saying that ragged right is for readability, and full-justified is for formal appearance. I’d rather be readable than formal anyway.

Visit my publishing page at Sorcet.com to read samples or to buy.

A revised version of MB1 and MB2 will come in the future. It’s already prepared but I’m not yet ready to show that to the world.

While I say these are rewrites, they’re only very minor things. I mostly needed to prepare them for the special formats used by the various ebook readers.

Plus, I enjoyed re-reading them. When people ask me who my favorite author is, I say, “me.”

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