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February 3rd, 2015 | Posted by Steve in The Writing Life

As a writer I do a lot of online research and that often involves checking out blogs and web sites. And the first thing I look at on a web site or blog is the date last updated. I need to know how fresh is this information. And, more often than not, I discard that source and move on because the web site or blog is old or even abandoned.

In my opinion — and that’s all it is; others will disagree — a web site should be updated at least monthly, a blog at least weekly, twitter at least daily.

Like 90 percent of people who tried blogging, I was terrible at it. I rarely added fresh content. When I did so I knew nothing about SEO, categories, tags, or use of related social media to interact with my blog.

Maintaining a useful blog is a time commitment. If you’re going to do it, make sure the time is well-spent. Allen Taylor’s online course in Blog Marketing for Writers taught me how to maximize my results through proper use of keywords, categories, tags, SEO, headlines and writing style. Taylor, who is owner of Garden Gnome Publishing and also the writing services company of Taylored Content, is a professional blogger.

Perhaps as important as actually posting is the planning and scheduling and here, too, Allen Taylor got me to learn to plan ahead so that I don’t just sit, staring at my keyboard, and wondering what it is I should write about today.

If you want a blog for personal or business purposes, Taylor will teach you to be efficient and effective.

As for me, perhaps now I can manage to keep up this blog as well as my blog for my  online writing school at

Time will tell but I have a plan now…

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