How Mangrove Bayou and Sorcet Chronicles Got Their Names

March 10th, 2015 | Posted by Steve in Fantasy | Fiction | Mystery

This is just a fun post, no deep thinking being done here.

When I set out to write a series of mysteries set in a small Gulf coast Florida town I named the town Mangrove Bay. Not terribly original, I suppose but descriptive enough as a place name. I wrote two book manuscripts before I discovered I’d made a big mistake.

Once I had two manuscripts in hand, I went looking for an agent. “Why, maybe I need to have a web site to tout my books,” I said to myself. Myself answered with “Good idea. Let’s go to the internet and buy that domain name.”

Hah. No such luck. was already taken. And I wdotURLsanted a .com, not a .something else. On top of all that, the name Mangrove Bay is on a dozen or more housing developments and (I think) some sort of clothing line. Annoyed, I started playing around with the options and discovered that merely adding two vowels would get me MangroveBayou and that was available as a .com.

Now I had to go back into my two manuscripts — not yet sold to anyone — and change all Mangrove Bays to Mangrove Bayous. Thank goodness for global search-and-replace!

With Sorcet Chronicles it was easier. I’d learned a lesson: Secure the domain name first and only then name your books. Sorcet Chronicles is my (so far) four-volume fantasy series starring Sorcet, a sort of druid/sorceress.

This time I first did a web search on several variations on the theme of ‘sorcerer’. One word, Sorcet, came up entirely blank. There was no Sorcet web site, no Sorcet anything at all. Sorcet wasn’t a word in any language except Turkic where it refers to (I think) some obscure form of bread.

So I bought and then wrote the books.

Is this a backwards sort of world we live in, or what?

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