Book Signing — Naples Barnes & Noble

March 27th, 2017 | Posted by Steve in Fiction | Mystery | The Writing Life

Book Signing — Naples Barnes & Noble

Did a signing Saturday, 25 March in Naples. Thanks so much to Jessica Olson and staff!

Long drive from Tampa (about 180 miles the way I go) and, as I cruise along at 60 MPH, EVERY vehicle on the road passed me. I passed no one, going or coming. Was even passed by an antique car on its way to some car event. Trip complicated by the fact that my GPS thing went on the blink. Tampa to Naples is no problem, get on I-75 and follow the signs. But inside Naples I found myself wandering around. Finally I found myself driving up and down a major street looking for the intersection with U.S. 41  — the Tamiami Trail mentioned so often in my books. After a mile or so it dawned on me that I was ON the Tamiami Trail and only a few blocks from the book store.

I never got lost with maps. But with GPS  …

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