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January 22nd, 2018 | Posted by Steve in Uncategorized

Monday, 22 January, 2018: At work updating my Mangrove Bayou and Sorcet Publishing web sites. Those two are probably overkill. The Mangrove Bayou site was first and now points the reader to the Sorcet web site. I’ll need to simplify all that. Not today. But do visit to read about all my books. Please.

My ebooks are sold through my distributor, Smashwords. You may also buy them from your own ebook reader retailer.

Looking at the Smashwords site today I ran across a biography and also a long interview I’d forgotten about. I’ll post a question and my answer here and maybe do others at later dates.

What do your fans mean to you?
Fans are fellow-travelers on a road where I am only the guy who paints the white stripe down the middle. Once upon a time I had a sideline of guiding canoe camping trips through the Everglades National Park. I was the guide, others followed, but we all saw the same things, had the same experiences.

Writing and reading fiction is much the same. There’s an agreement, a contract. I — the author — will lay out a road and paint the lines. You — the reader — are free to follow the road or to leave and go in another direction. I promise to be as accurate as possible with facts, and as interesting as possible with the story line. You, the reader, promise to give me a reasonable chance to satisfy your curiosity about my book.

I see little difference between reader and writer here. I may have the technical expertise to create the story (and get it into publication, no easy task). You may have that too, though most don’t and it’s not necessary. But, in a way, we’ll all in the same boat, seeing the same things and enjoying the trip.

That’s all for today. Back at you later …

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