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Book Signing!
Saturday, 19 November, 2016, 11-3. Sandman Books, 16480 Burnt Store Rd., Punta Gorda. 941-505-1624

Ironically, I never made it to that signing. There's more irony to come: First, on my way to the book signing, the Subaru Forester blew a tire and self-destructed. Next, I bought, a few days later, a Jeep wagon.

The irony? In my Mangrove Bayou mysteries, my police chief drove a Subaru and, when that was shot up by bad guys, bought a Jeep.

I didn't realize the coincidence until I was halfway through the paperwork for the new car. The Jeep salesman suggested that I run out and buy lottery tickets. I pointed out that I would, but that I had not written about the chief winning any lottery.

If what I write about Troy Adam, my chief of police, comes true in real life for me, I'm a bit worried. I did write about his getting shot through the hand. Hope that doesn't happen to me . . .

Need a writer, editor, photojournalist or just someone to give you advice and writing help? Ask me....

I started writing full-time 1984 and since then I have written on thousands of topics for dozens of magazines. I've done straight news for a wire service. I've done books and chapters in other books. I've done online writing and web-site design both.

Most recently, I've branched out into fiction, with mysteries and fantasies. The fantasy and mystery series are online here, under development, and open to comment by anyone willing to do so:

Click here for The Sorcet Chronicles heroic fantasy novel series

Click here for the Mangrove Bayou police procedural mystery novel series

I can combine all this with my Adobe InDesign layout experience to produce files ready for offset or other printing.

Also along the way I started to teach others what I knew. At first I spoke at local and regional seminars and taught local classes. In 1988 I joined with AOL as their only nonfiction teacher in a writing school they had. Since 1998 I have run my own school, WritersCollege.com, and that now has more than 60 courses — fiction, nonfiction and basic get-started inspiration — taught by a variety of teachers. I also teach five of the classes.

Click here to view the WritersCollege.com online writing school

Teaching writing spawned an editing/critiquing business. If you need help with your writing, I offer competitive rates.

Forced to learn HTML coding and web site design, I now offer that as a service, along with web site content preparation.

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Cord Macintosh private eye mystery series: coming soon!

Sorcet Chronicles:
the heroic fantasy series

Mangrove Bayou:
the mystery series


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