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One of my favorite comments from a magazine editor I knew was "We do not knowingly publish fiction." Although I have always read certain favorite fantasy and mystery writers, I resisted, for twenty-five years, the urge to write fiction.

Then I gave in. My gateway drug was probably some little stories I wrote about a hillbilly family in Kentucky. None of those stories are around now but I got a lot of compliments by people who thought I ought to compile those into a book. When I had some time available I wrote one mystery, with a private detective. I noodled around with that for years, trying the same plot with two male detectives (humm...maybe), one female detective (disaster) and one male detective.

Aha. Bingo). The first book, Sword, is making the rounds now with Cord MacIntosh my private investigator (don't call him a "private eye").

I wrote half of the next book for that detective and plan to finish that too, soon. More on that below.


Sorcet Chronicles

Mangrove Bayou



Meantime I tried my hand at a fantasy series. Aha! Talk about mainstreaming drugs! After almost three decades of writing nonfiction articles and newspaper stories, where I was expected to confirm (two sources, preferably) every fact and where I was expected to cram 5,000 words of information into 1800 words, the idea that I could make stuff up and then write long was intoxicating. I'm currently into my fourth book in the Sorcet Chronicles fantasy series. I'll look for a publisher shortly . . .


When my favorite mystery writer, Robert B. Parker, died I was bereft. No more Spenser private detective books! No more Jesse Stone/Paradise Massachusetts police procedural books! What was I to do?

(Ah, you say, but the estate of Bob Parker hired other writers to continue the two series." No. I did read several of those. That ploy never works. The magic is gone.)

"Steve," I said because I talk to myself a lot, "you could write a police procedural yourself. As a reporter you have sat through lots of court cases and talked to lots of policemen and you know how the system works.

So I did. I replaced Chief Jesse Stone of Paradise, Massachusetts with Troy Adam of Mangrove Bayou, Florida.

Since then I've written four more and the first two are published in both e-book and trade paperback by Untreed Reads. CLICK HERE FOR MORE MANGROVE BAYOU GOOD STUFF


<— First book in the series is Mangrove Bayou (left).

Death Among the Mangroves is the second book —>




Sword, The first in the Cord MacIntosh private investigator series is making the rounds now. Book, the followup, is in the rewrite stage. There will be more after that. God, this is fun!

Watch this space. …

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Cord Macintosh private eye mystery series: coming soon!

Sorcet Chronicles:
the heroic fantasy series

Mangrove Bayou:
the mystery series


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