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I live in Tampa, Florida, USA. I am free to travel anywhere, anytime, for work purposes. I welcome calls or emails from anyone wishing to hire me.

If you telephone to sell me something, I have a special device that will crawl out of your phone, down your ear canal, and burrow into your brain. It's no sight for gentle eyes. I'm only trying to help you here.

E-MAIL: This is complicated. Follow closely as this will be on the final exam:

Make certain that the subject line has something in it that doesn't look to me like spam. If your URL ends in ".ru" or if you are the finance minister of an African nation, just don't bother. I'm only trying to help you here.

TELEPHONE: Use 813-236-7509. You may call at any time of the day. If I'm not in the office, leave a message.
Note that this number is on the nationwide do-not-call list and I do not wish unsolicited calls — unless you were planning to hire me directly. This includes press release follow-up calls. If you sent it, I got it; no need to follow up.

POSTAL MAIL: Send that important document to: Stephen Morrill, P.O. Box 8093, Sulphur Springs Station, Tampa, FL 33674-8093. Please note that I do not wish to receive junk mail. If you think it's important and I think it's junk, it's junk. Why waste your stamps? I'm only trying to help you here.


Cord Macintosh private eye mystery series: coming soon!

Sorcet Chronicles:
the heroic fantasy series

Mangrove Bayou:
the mystery series


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